In the booklet attached you can go through the different means of transport and can get also information on how you can reach the city from airport.

This practical guide was put together by the BKK who is the mobility manager of the city.

The fees mentioned on our website are covering only the rental fees. The utilities (e.g.: water, heating, electricity, common cost etc.) are not included. You may calculate with 120-150 EUR monthly for these expenditures. Where we have exact information on those additional costs we are showing them in the “price note” box at the detailed apartment information page.

The common costs mean the collective maintenance fees of the building, including the cleaning of the staircase and the common areas, maintenance of the elevator, garbage collection, etc.

All our properties have the option of internet access. However, there are two options regarding the contract with internet service provider:

  1. The owner already did a contract with the service provider so you need to pay to the owner. This is convenient for you because most of the service providers offer 1 year contract so which means that if you want to break the contract you still need to pay till the end of the contract.

  2. The owner did not make a contract so then you have to go to the service provider and choose a package and sign a contract with them. After signing the contract, the service provider will install the internet package within 4-5 working days. In this situation, you will pay the internet directly to the service provider and you have to take care that when you leave the flat you cancel the contract.

When you have chosen your apartment, you will have to sign a lease contract. (link: contract in English, link: contract in German) This is needed to cover all the parties and required for the long stay resident’s permit you will have to get from the authorities.
To sign the contract the owner usually asks for the first payment on the spot. You are going to need the amount of three-month rental fees with you. (Two-month worth of money as a deposit payment and the first month rental fee.) Please, do not forget to bring your ID card or passport; we are going to need it to fill the contract. 
Of course, the mentioned deposit will be given back to you when your contract expires and you leave the apartment without damage or debt.

Contracts can be signed in our office in the building of McDaniel College Budapest.

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